Kendo Basics for Health with Ken Kang

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Tuesdays & Fridays

6:45-7:30 pm

Kendo translates as “way of the sword” in Japanese. For this class, the intention is to enhance healthy reflexes, coordination and balance. The basic disciplines and moves of Kendo’s bamboo sword, supplemented by the foam sword, can provide an effective cross-training to qigong. The swifter movement and lightness of foot of Kendo counterbalance qigong’s long-held poses. While full development of Kendo results in a martial art or sports-like sparring, health is the goal of this class.

Teacher’s approval needed.

Ken Kang

Ken has been the apprentice of Taoist healing arts with the passion particularly in the art of swordsmanship since 2003. As an instructor himself, Ken’s students find in him an example of individuals who strive to transform themselves by learning new perspectives, training their body and mind with discipline, and continuing to discover an inspiring self.

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