Healthy Life Tip – Take a Bird’s Eye View

When I was in labor with our first child, Shankar, and going through crashingly painful contractions and the birth itself, the image of a great white bird came to me, sailing above the whole situation. I rode on the wings of that magnificent bird, calmly surveying all the agony my body self was going through, the real me completely untouched by it, and yet fully aware.

Whenever you notice that life seems a little too intense, a bit too “up-close-and-personal”, try zooming out. Do your best to detach yourself from the situation at hand. Imagine looking at yourself from a distance above – kind of like the camera on the ceiling of the Merrie Monarch Festival activities, viewing the dancers down below. Or take yourself to an interior spot of utter peace and tranquility, from which you can calmly and serenely view, as from a window, all the drama and turba of whatever your life situation is, with all its emotions, voice and thoughts. Just abide in the peaceful place, watching.

A regular meditative practice – still or moving – can help cultivate the ability to get the looking through the window experience, or to take the bird’s eye view. I often take students through such a visualization in Nia class as we are dancing.

It is especially in moments of deepest anguish or maddest gaiety…that we are conscious of a dual soul as of a presence serenely regarding from another plane of being the agitated personality.” – EDWARD BELLAMY

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