Healthy Life Tip: Shake off your Atlas complex – if you have one!

Here are a few things I’ve become aware of in the years since my seizure that helped me escape the Atlas complex:

  • Every responsibility I have is in some way self-chosen, which makes it easier for me to bear than if it was imposed on me against my will. (Even Atlas’ task was in some way self-chosen since he rebelled against the ruling gods KNOWING that Zeus had the capacity to punish him terribly, and Atlas still rebelled.)
  • I choose most (all?) of my responsibilities from the place of feeling I have something to share or to give.
  • When I deeply consider it, I would rather take on that task than accept the consequences of not taking that task. (Surely Atlas could have stopping holding up the heavens, but preferred to continue doing so over taking the consequence of not doing so, which to me indicates that he was still exercising his power of choice. I could have stopped taking care of our business or our kids when it got difficult, and some people do, but I preferred to continue my task rather than set into motion the consequences of not doing so.)
  • When we are doing what we are somehow meant to be doing with our lives, the universe supports our endeavor. When we’re not, the universe tends to make it impossible to do so.
  • Nothing’s as important as I think it is.
  • If I do something for someone that they could and should be doing for themselves, I’m doing them and myself a disfavor.

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