Celebrating Magnificence: Aileen Fong – Now ready to rock & roll

Aileen could barely move when she read about the Feldenkrais classes at Still & Moving Center in April last year. She was recuperating from 3 rear-end collisions and the loss of her mother after years of being her primary caregiver.

“Feldenkrais, I immediately realized, was the way to help me achieve my journey forward. This would be the exercise therapy to alleviate my back and neck injuries,” says Aileen. “When I first went to check out Still & Moving Center I felt at home – being welcomed by genuine people and surrounded by a serene atmosphere.”

A year of Feldenkrais did a world of good for Aileen. Here’s her recent report:

“My life and my body have changed! I’m adding more and more challenging movement classes and having so much fun! I’m enjoying Mindful Movement, Nia, Feldenkrais into Dance, Dance in the Dark, and even Belly Dance for Beginners! I have so much more energy now, sometimes I take 3 classes a day! Everything that I want to do, I can do now – that’s my new attitude.  I’m actually sweating for the first time in decades.”

Who knew sweat was something to celebrate?!? For someone who was energy-drained and in constant pain 14 months ago, it’s a big deal!


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