Celebrating Business: Book Ends in Kailua

By Renée Tillotson

BookEnds is the delightful sort of place where Harry could meet Sally all over again – if he were shopping for a book on Hawaiian place names and she wanted a fairytale for her niece. Filled with new books and gently-used volumes, as well as possible collector’s items, BookEnds is a treasure-hunting ground for good literature.

Given my penchant for ALWAYS buying books as baby gifts and for most children’s birthdays, BookEnds is my top favorite go-to place. They specialize in Hawaiian publications for both adults and children. Beyond that, there’s no telling what you might find on their overflowing shelves. And it’s privately owned, not a chain store!

Of course I love that they accept and resell old books. Don’t tell my mom, but I just found a copy of The Egg Tree that inspired our family’s and Still & Moving Center’s Easter tradition of decorating eggs for a tree. Since our family’s book disappeared decades ago in a fire, Mom will be delighted that I found a 1978 edition at BookEnds!

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