Aerial Yoga Provides Lasting Relief To My Lower Back

I have been suffering from low back pain for over twenty-five years. Having a job with extended seated periods did not help. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and was treated with physical therapy, massages, spinal steroid shots, chiropractic manipulations and various medications, none of which provided lasting relief.

I decided to undo the damage on my spine by doing proper exercises, such as hot yoga (daily) and pilates. These exercises provided only temporary relief. Then my yoga teacher suggested that I try Aerial Yoga, which I tried it at the Still & Moving Center. As soon as I got inverted in the silk, I felt that this was the thing for me! When I laid on my bed that night. I could feel myself extending longer than I ever remembered! At 66 years of age, I felt like I grew an inch or two!!!

After each class (attending just weekly), I find myself with a greater range of motion, flexibility and endurance. During my last session, I hung inverted for a full 10 minutes! The position of my spine in the inverted poses, as well as in restorative supported poses in the hammock, provide lasting relief to my low back. I can pretty much say that “as long as I stick to my aerial practice, I need not worry about any back pain!” AERIAL INVERSION YOGA DECOMPRESSES MY SPINE!

David L.

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