A Beautiful Space for All Kinds of Movement and Meditation

I just have to shout out for joy about my afternoon at the Still & Moving Center in Honolulu. Renee Tillotson has created a beautiful space for all different kinds of movement and meditation. If you are ever in the area, please drop in. It was wonderful to dance Nia last night with Renee and her peeps. But it was also wonderful to sit in The Gathering Place of the Center and watch the parade of people who came in and out: small girls on their way to a hula class, men headed for Aikido, women doing aerial work, and all kinds of people lined up for massage and reflexology. The Sun and Moon Room — small and painted yellow and white — was as good a place to sit Zen as I’ve ever found. So many people doing good things on this planet. We should notice and honor them.

After attending Michael’s classes it all began to “click” for me.
I do eight or nine hours of standing a day and my legs and feet and neck get so tired. Practicing yoga helps in my stance, helps in my spine. Doing the “eagle arms” really helps. Incorporating the Three Essentials (awareness, breath and movement) was more challenging than learning the poses. Reinforcement of ujjayi breathing helps a lot at work.
The physical therapist I had before told me what to do. But he did not explain why we were doing it or what was supposed to happen. Michael does a great job of explaining what we are doing and why.

With the increasing focus on awareness, breath and movement through yoga I became aware of my unconscious lifestyle and repetitive use injury patterns.
With greater understanding the changes in my body became faster. What I learned in yoga class I began to apply outside of class. Like standing at work and how I was walking. 
Now I just feel great! I pay more attention and don’t ignore little things in my body. I’m beginning to pay more attention to posture. What I like is sensing aches and pains and catching them before they happen.

Jan J. Russel

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