Nia Brings Me Inextricable Joy

I’m 66 years old. Three years ago, I never thought of myself of someone willing to go out on the dance floor. Dancephobic, that was me. Then I tried Nia. There’s something about it that reminds me of playing on the floor with kids. I love the sound in Nia. That may have been something of a bridge for me. Shouting “kapow!” as I do a kick, like a cartoon character, reminds me of the joy of playing with children. I just don’t feel self-conscious any more about moving or making noise. Now I can enter a state of playfulness at any moment – on or off the dance floor.

What I get from Nia is more about me than about my body. I was already pretty fit doing a lot of yoga every week. Nia is a perfect complement to yoga, and it brings me something else – Inextricable joy… Nia brings me closer to my edges where things get interesting. In permaculture they say that the edge zones of a garden or a forest are the most fertile areas. I appreciate those and live there more as a result of Nia.


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