Functional Integration 3 Session Package: 30% off

Book 3 Feldenkrais Functional Integration hands-on 60 min. sessions with Eva Geueke and save $99!

Regular Price is $105.  3 Sessions with 30% off discount = $230 (Includes tax)

If you purchase the offer this month, your Valentine has until March 31st to take their sessions. Yes, you can give yourself a Valentine gift!

 Feldenkrais Functional Integration® is the individual, hands-on form of the Feldenkrais Method. It works on the same principles as Awareness Through Movement® lessons. It is a highly individualized and highly effective way to address pain and movement difficulties, develop or refine skills, and to improve and expand your self-image. Functional Integration offers precise, customized processes to help you improve in all your actions.

In her Functional Integration® session Eva touches not only the body, but equally the nervous system, mind, and spirit. Her hands relay the message of releasing tension or faulty patterns of movement to gain a clear organization and alignment that can be carried into all area of life.  In 1987 she completed her Professional Feldenkrais Training, which changed her understanding of brain, body, movement and dance forever. Eva is a professional dancer, Qigong teacher of the Universal Tao teachings of Mantak Chia and Capoeirista (Brazilian martial arts). She also teaches Authentic Movement and WaveWorks, a spin-off of Continuum Movement. Eva trained in many different modalities and uses Body-Mind Centering, The Work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kinesiology, Quantum Healing and other methods with her clients when it is needed.

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