Qigong for Healthy Bones & Joints

with Eva Geueke

Healthy Spine Series

Saturday, August 25

3:00 – 6:00 pm


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Freeing the neck, 7th cervical, Atlas: The neck is like a bottleneck between our brain and our torso. Unfortunately that is where we carry around lots of tension and injuries making that narrow place even narrower. That results in many unpleasant, painful and even dangerous conditions. If we can soften and heal there we may have a whole different outlook on our life.

In this workshop, you learn movement lessons that will help you to free your neck, get rid of pain and benefit your shoulders, entire posture and self. These lessons are easy to do and good for all age groups (from 9 to 99) and most medical conditions.

Eva Geueke is a dancer, Feldenkrais practitioner and choreographer. She currently teaches Contact Improvisation, the Feldenkrais Method and Feldenkrais Movement (a self-developed style linking Feldenkrais to dance.) Eva is also a teacher of Capoeira and a Universal Tao instructor for Qigong. She has taught yoga and has studied for more than a decade with Emily Conrad, the founder of Continuum, from which Eva created WaveWorks.


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