Strut Your Stuff – A Choreographic Nia Adventure in Paradise!

Strut Your Stuff — A Choreographic Nia Adventure in Paradise!

with the support of Nia Trainers Allison Wright, Vickie Saito & Nia Black Belt Renee Tillotson

Watch for UPCOMING EVENT in 2014!

Add Authentic Hawaiian Cultural Experiences to enhance your trip!
Sunlit Skies – An Introduction to Beginnings, Hawaiian-Style
Lei Aloha – Beloved Lei

Nia choreographers and wannabe choreographers, we know you’re out there! There are Nia and non-Nia teachers all over the world who create fabulous choreography that no one but their own community ever gets to see or dance. This weekend workshop is a WORLD DEBUT invitation to step into your greatness. We want YOU to come share the best choreography you’ve cultivated on your own! Dance to choreography you’ve never done before, and learn how you can create it yourself.

Allison Wright

Allison Wright

Vickie Saito

Vickie Saito

Join us for the first annual Strut Your Stuff choreographic Nia adventure in Honolulu, Hawaii. Spend three days immersing yourself in choreographic workshops, Nia classes, and sharing your own choreography during short, fun dance breaks. With the support of Nia Trainers Allison Wright and Vickie Saito, you will partake in daily workshops designed to enhance your skills for creating body-centered choreography. Each workshop will address a key component of the routine creation process including music selection, movement transitions + katas, integration of 9 movement forms, modeling, cuing, and masterfully weaving a focus throughout each song of a routine. NON-NIA movement teachers gladly welcomed! Nia offers much to teach budding choreographers of any dance or dance fitness class.

Over the course of the weekend, we will collectively choreography a minimum of two songs which will be filmed and available for you to access online after the Strut Your Stuff weekend. Strut Your Stuff is open to EVERYBODY: Nia Belt Graduates, Nia Students and non-Nia practitioners who want to enhance their choreographic repertoire.

nia with Renee

Renée Tillotson, Director of Still & Moving Center, will be hosting and producing this incredible event. Vickie Saito & Allison Wright, Nia Trainers and choreographers of the new Nia routine Touch, will be leading this 3-day workshop.

Authentic Hawaiian Experiences

Infuse your Strut Your Stuff Nia adventure with an authentic Hawaiian experience before and/or after the event! Whether traveling solo or with family and friends, don’t miss the opportunity to experience true Hawaiian culture and natural beauty as Malia Helela, an authentic Kumu Hula, leads you through 2-day and 1-day workshops that will leave you with a deeply profound appreciation for dance and cultural tradition of Hawaii.

Sunlit Skies – An Introduction to Beginnings, Hawaiian-Style
malia helela
The life-giving sun brings light, warmth and enlightenment. This workshop will highlight chants and songs that honor the sun and its rising in the east. Activities include Hula instruction, a chant writing workshop, sunrise observance, lecture, gift and closing ceremony. Journey together to the east side of O`ahu to witness the sunrise and share a picnic breakfast together. Students will learn a traditional oli (chant) to wake up the sun as well as provide input for a new chant custom made for the class. A hula `auwana (Ke Alaula – contemporary Hawaiian song about the dawn) will also be taught. This workshop concludes with a final taped performance of the dance and a closing ceremony.
Lei Aloha – Beloved Lei
Monday, October 28
A lei symbolizes life, with beautiful memories and loved ones strung together like flowers in a lei. In this closing workshop, we honor our role as the string that holds the beautiful moments of our life together. We will make a lei out of fresh flowers and use it in a special hula dance (Makalapua – hula performed while holding a lei). Activities include Lei making, Hula lessons, lecture, gifts and closing ceremony. After the workshop, participants are welcome to keep their lei or release it into the ocean.
Take both Authentic Hawaiian Experiences!
Having trouble choosing just one? Why not do both! Participate in both Authentic Hawaiian Experiences before and after Strut Your Stuff: 2 for $295
malia-headshot-outsideAbout Malia Helela
Malia is an authentic Kumu Hula: a recognized hula teacher, officially having graduated after 17 years training from a hula halau (school) of a long and esteemed Hawaiian hula lineage. In over a decade of teaching her own halau, Kumu Malia counts as her students dozens of hula teachers throughout Japan as well as many hula dancers in Hawaii. Fluent in Hawaiian, Kumu Malia frequently composes her own original oli’s (sacred chants). Kumu Malia is the originator of the Sitting Baby Hula program, the choreographer of numerous hulas in both the ancient and modern forms, as well as being the repository of myriad traditional hulas, oli’s and general Hawaiian cultural knowledge. In keeping with her tradition, she is an observant and reverent student of nature and keeper of the land – the ‘aina.

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