Malu Healing Room

The Hawaiian word malu means shelter, or protection. It is the root of the Hawaiian word for peace, maluhia. We invite you to be a part of your own transformation in the safety of this nurturing space.

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Massage & Healing Therapies


This traditional Hawaiian massage uses rhythmic movements to promote deep healing with the muscles. There are many styles of lomilomi but most affirm that prayer and loving touch are essential components.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā

1 hour/$85; 90 min/$105; 120 min/$125

Feldenkrais – Functional Integration

Functional Integration is a hands-on form of tactile, kinesthetic communication. The Feldenkrais practitioner communicates to the student how he/she organizes his/ her body and hints, through gentle touching and movement, hot to move in more expanded functional motor patterns.

Therapist(s): Eva Geueke,

60 min/$120; 90 min/$150

Thai Yoga Massage

This traditional massage involves stretching and deep tissue manipulation of the muscles.

Sessions are performed fully clothed and without any oil or creams.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā

60 min/$85; 90 min/$105; 120 min/$125

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

The focus of this massage is rehabilitation and pain management. It employs a mix of Eastern Technique and pattern theory paired with Western anatomical and medical knowledge.


60 min/$95; 90 min/$115; 120 min/$130

Bodyweight Personal Training

May’s Bodyweight Personal Training program makes you proficient at using the one thing that you are never without: your body. The workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, and without costly gym equipment.As we go through our daily tasks, we need to lift, turn, bend, squat, move sideways, etc., to accomplish what we want to do. This functional workout replicates daily movement in a safer, stronger, more efficient manner than we normally do. Bodyweight exercises incorporate many of your body’s muscles at once. These exercises have the added benefit of being much more demanding of core strength (6-pack anyone?) than exercises that require weights and machines. Bodyweight conditioning keeps you safe from many chronic injuries, such as joint problems, that may arise over time with weightlifting and other unnatural exercises with little functional value to our daily lives.With Bodyweight Personal Training, you will develop greater strength, power, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, speed, balance, coordination, and flexibility. With consistency, combined with a good diet, this progressive program will reward you with continuous results, increased body control, and new levels of achievement. Open the price chart. 

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones bring deep relaxation to muscles. Stones are placed around the body and also used as massage tools.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā, David Sanders

90 min/$135; 120 min/$165

Integrated Massagesoha

An individualized treatment, therapists choose techniques from their body of knowledge to find just the right blend of techniques for your needs.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā,

1 hour/$85; 90 min/$105; 120 min/$125


This Swedish style massage uses classic effleurage and petrissage techniques to improve circulation and relax muscles. Long, short and percussive strokes are also applied with the goal of free movement for the joints.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā,

60 min/$85; 90 min/$105; 120 min/$125

Pregnancy Massage

The focus of this massage is relaxation and pain management. It employs a mix of Eastern technique paired with Western anatomical and medical knowledge.

Therapist(s): Mālia Helelā,

60 min/$85; 90 min/$110

Restorative Yoga Therapy

In this passive yoga practice, individuals are able to deeply relax in poses that are supported by yoga blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Therapist(s): David Sanders

60 min/$85; 90 min/$105


By working directly wit the body’s energy, chi, acupuncture practitioners restore the natural flow of energy through the body promoting overall health.

Therapist(s): Dahlia Bursell

1st visit – 90 min/$110; 60 min/$85

Our Therapists

Dahlia Bursell

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dahlia Bursell is a licensed acupuncturist with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest and one of the most prestigious acupuncture schools in the United States.

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May del Rosario

Bodyweight Personal Training

Moving with May – a personal trainer with over 20 years of ballet, sports fitness and martial arts – is always an invigorating experience! She’s fun, encouraging, challenging and professional. This lady has shared her extensive knowledge of fitness through movement in medical, spa, studio and gym environments. Her classes are for everyone: from uber athletes, to pau hana workers wanting a kick-it-up class, to folks struggling with obesity, to fragile seniors seeking to regain their health. May provides personal fitness sessions, nutrition and weight management counseling. Her group fitness teaching experience includes aerobics, turbo kickboxing, ballet, strength training, power cycling, fitness for the unfit, to name a few. Her energy is absolutely contagious to her students!

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Eva Geueke

Feldenkrais Functional Integration®

In her Functional Integration® session Eva touches not only the body, but equally the nervous system, mind, and spirit. Her hands relay the message of releasing tension or faulty patterns of movement to gain a clear organization and alignment that can be carried into all area of life.

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Malia Helela

Mālia Helelā

Lomilomi, Traditional Thai, Hot Stone, Integrated, Classic and Pregnancy Massage

Maliaʻs first massage teacher was her mother.  At age 16, Malia met Karen Lei Arakawa who trained under Aunty Margaret Machado.

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Jivatma Massaguer

Sarga Bodywork, Ashiatsu

Jivatma has training in various massage techniques including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, NMT, Lomilomi, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu and Thai massage, however foot-based bodywork continues to be her favorite modality. A repetitive-use injury, together with lots of creativity, a commitment to intelligent body mechanics, and a passion for Yoga and conscious movement, has guided her to explore the dynamic power of foot-based bodywork. From this inspiration she co-founded Sarga Bodywork™.

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David Sanders

David Sanders

Hot Stone Massage, Restorative Yoga Therapy

David began his personal yoga practice in 1976, studying at a variety of locations in Los Angeles, including Billy Porter’s Urban Yoga Workout, and Yoga Works, Santa Monica.

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Kara Zahl

Originally nationally licensed, Kara has been practicing bodywork for the last 14 years. She’s been a student of the healing power of touch since her childhood. Kara is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Pre-natal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and various other bodywork practices. She weaves these modalities together to create a therapeutic session that caters to the particluar needs of the client in the moment.

Kara also draws from her yoga practice, bringing the power of the breath and often suggesting yoga postures that can help whatever physical issues are present. Kara feels blessed to be of service through helping people feel better in their bodies.




Doreen Redford

Lomi Lomi

I have discovered that the way to healing is though the sincere desire to help others on their path through their healing. On this path I heal myself. If you help to create a pono environment the body and mind will heal themselves…

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Mizuho Williamson

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi

Mizuho specializes in a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, lomilomi, and shiatsu. “I am gifted with warm, strong hands and skills from not only practicing massage, but also practicing/teaching yoga. It is my pleasure to heal people physically and emotionally,” says Mizuho.  Her attention to body mechanics and physiology shows up in her teaching of ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga. While working as a Japanese translator for a skilled massage therapist, Mizuho grew passionate about well being and healing beyond the benefits of yoga. She completed her LMT training at the Hawaii Massage Academy and continues train in traditional Hawaiian lomilomi from Hawaiian healer Mr. Kahu Manu.


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Assortment of Eco Pyramid Bags by the Art of Tea.

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Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap.


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